My Approach

So what does it take for you to finally resolve your health issues, to reclaim your health, your life and to feel great again?

" It starts with understanding that good health and your ability to be at your best truly begins in your gut."

By addressing the root cause of your problems: your digestion, you can literally transform your health and your life.

You can expect things like: your immune system to improve, skin conditions to clear up, belly bloat goes away, joints no longer ache, energy levels go up, you sleep better, and more.

Which is why I have developed an 8-step system for helping clients heal their digestion and resolve their perplexing health challenges.

Here are the steps that have worked for me and for countless others:

1Step 1: Set the Stage for Success
In the beginning, most of my clients are frustrated, confused and fed up. So we always start off with first understanding your current and past health history and how it connects to the potential root causes of your digestive concerns, so that you can finally get real answers. The insights, breakthroughs and immediate “feel better fast” action steps come right away from this first step.

2Step 2: Remove What No Longer Serves You
There are foods that you may love, but simply don’t love you back. Time to upgrade! I’ll show you how to use food as medicine by removing foods that are contributing to digestive distress and discomfort and replace them with tasty foods that make you thrive, feel alive and great in your body.

3Step 3: Replace The “Missing Pieces” For Optimal Digestion
You can’t remove foods without replacing them with something better. Most clients are missing some digestive power that may have been lost as a result of diet, drugs, stress of living abroad and aging. I’ll show you simple, natural ways to restore your digestive power, and ultimately, your personal power. (It’s really quite amazing to see people no longer held back by this stuff! The ripple effect is profound!)

4Step 4: Repair And Heal From The Inside Out
In addition to upgrading and replacing, you’ll discover my secret soothing, nourishing and healing foods and natural supplements to rev up your immune system and rejuvenate your body. Once you learn this, you’ll feel confident in how to keep yourself and your family healthy, no matter where your expat life takes you.

5Step 5: Reinoculate Your Gut With Good Bacteria
To turbo boost your healing journey you will learn how to look after the beneficial microbes in your gut. By supporting your microbiome you will ensure a stronger immune system that can self regulate itself as you travel and live abroad in different climates, cultures and food settings. No more frequent colds or infections!

6Step 6: Rebalance With Simple Lifestyle Changes
Here is where we get you sleeping better, moving more, and all the other good stuff that is going to help you to look good and feel great. Simple lifestyle changes will put you in a perfect place to take on the challenges of expat living, whether it is adapting to new cultures, schedules, dealing with household help or finding new friends.

7Step 7: Use The Power Of Your Mind to Transform Your Life
By now you’ll have a first-hand experience of how much sharper, and clear your thinking is, just by healing your gut. (No more senior moments, thank you very much!). This week is all about the “inner secrets” to staying on track, improving your digestion and your brain’s function, just with the power of your mind and the quality of your thoughts.

8Step 8: Support Yourself While Moving Forward
As we wrap up, I want to show you how to be healthy… forever. Not just during our time together. Discover the art and science of course correction, the power of the 80/20 rule and how you can use this to have fun and indulge from time to time without compromising your health.

Ready to see if this is for you? Feel free to apply for a time to talk with me and let’s see if I can help.