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Exclusively for expats & frequent travellers who are ready to look good and feel great while moving around the globe


In this special, 1-hour private coaching session I will help you:

  • Discover how your everyday food and lifestyle choices are impacting your health, your digestion and your life (and what you can do about it).
  • Uncover what could be missing in your past attempts from trying to resolve this (Expect insights and say goodbye to feeling crazy from mysterious symptoms!).
  • Outline a personalized action plan for addressing these concerns and resolving your health challenges for good.


For a limited time, this session is absolutely FREE.  This is my way of ensuring that I only work with clients that I believe I can absolutely help.


If you are looking for solutions, inspiration, guidance and support, this is your chance. Take charge of your health and your life and find out what you can do to start feeling better.

Click here to apply for a Nutrition Breakthrough Session with me

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are my coaching programs best for?

While I am certain that I can help most anyone experiencing chronic health issues, I find that I work best with individuals who fit the following description:

  • You already prioritize and invest in your health yet you are unable to resolve your health issues

You may already have a sense of what it means to eat a healthy diet, and how important it is to exercise, sleep well and reduce stress. However, despite seeing different health care practitioners and trying many different things you still haven’t found a permanent solution to your problems.

You are frustrated and perhaps overwhelmed with all the different information that is out there and you are ready for someone to finally help you figure out what works for you.

  • You are ready to do what it takes

You are enthusiastic, motivated and committed to learning about yourself and your body and trying new approaches to optimize your health.

  • You are currently in a good place to be making changes

You want to be able to focus on yourself and implement new diet and self-care routines. If you are in the middle of a relocation, or about to go away for a vacation it may be better to wait till you are a bit more settled.

  • You fit my ideal client profile in other ways too:
    • you find that you finally have some breathing room (you’ve settled in your new home, your kids are older and more independent and you are ready to prioritize YOU),
    • you are wondering what is next for you and you can’t figure that out when you are constantly dealing with these health issues,
    • you appreciate your own uniqueness and how that translates into making personalized diet and lifestyle choices,
    • and you want to make the most of your life; you yearn to feel and be your best.
Who are my coaching programs NOT for?

My coaching programs are not for people who:

  • are looking for a quick fix without making real changes,
  • are not in the habit of investing in themselves and their future health and wellbeing,
  • find it impossible to give up certain foods or habits despite knowing it doesn’t serve them
  • start with enthusiasm, but don’t really follow through.
Why should I pay out of pocket if an MD where I live charges the equivalent of USD 25 for a consultation?

I completely understand what you mean: it is very inexpensive to see a doctor or other health practitioners in Asia and the Middle East. This is a wonderful perk of living here.

I have tried this too and unfortunately I kept running into the same kind of challenge every time: most doctors have very little time to really get to know you and your health issues, they address your symptoms without trying to find the causes of your health concerns and you end up going home with a handful of medicines that temporarily might make you feel better but that never really address your underlying issues.

Eventually the same or other symptoms pop up and you find yourself back in their office. By investing in a personalized health building program now, you end up avoiding the costs of future doctor visits, medication or other treatments.

Besides, nowhere else will you find this level of personalized attention, time and care.

If you have any other questions or concerns, I will be happy to address those during our Breakthrough Session!

Click here to apply for a Nutrition Breakthrough Session with me

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