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To be able to live your life to the fullest you need an abundant amount of energy, a strong and healthy body, and a clear and balanced mind.

If you are struggling in any of these areas and unable to find an approach that works, come talk to me.

We will dig into the underlying root causes of your health concerns and figure out which diet and lifestyle changes you need to make in order to optimise your health and start feeling great.

Monique's advice on food and supplements worked like magic. Within 30 days she helped me reverse the severe health issues I was dealing with.
- Neha D.

Monique helped me figure out what was out of balance in my life and put me on the right track to a healthier and happier lifestyle.
- Chantal C.

I was dealing with a lot of pain due to fibromyalgia as well as hypothyroidism when I started working with Monique. Monique helped me incorporate diet and lifestyle changes and in 2 months I was almost pain free and my thyroid medication was miraculously being tapered off. Monique is generous with her time, personalized attention, recipes, and reading materials. She is a call away, responding to messages even while traveling. She encourages you; her persona, her approach is so positive that one feels motivated. She tries to reach the root cause, and believe me she does.
Bushra A.

I have worked with Monique for one year. She has helped me make sensible, doable and necessary changes to my diet, daily living habits, and exercise. All of these adjustments have given me a healthier body, mind and spirit. She helped diagnose the root cause of my fatigue, bloating, foggy thinking. She recommended dietary changes, suggestions on appropriate exercise, and offered daily habits to help improve sleep and focus. She is readily available for support, adjustments and assistance. My results were so awesome, my spouse has joined too!
Marie R.

Monique came as a “miracle woman” in my life. She was instrumental in educating me about my own body. She is highly knowledgeable, extremely approachable and supportive. Her constant encouragement was very helpful in my achieving my health goals. Monique not only provided the knowledge about the “right” food but also complemented it with recipes, sources from where to buy ingredients and also menus! My whole experience with her turned out to be an interesting journey with many new discoveries.
Anju B.